18W PD USB-A CAR Adapter White

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  • Easy to charge: This 18W USB-C car charger allows you to charge any USB and USB-C device from your car’s power outlet.
  • 1 for 2: This 30W dual USB car charger can simultaneously charge two devices at a high speed.
  • Fast charging: USB A connection of the 12V USB car charger ensures full-speed charging for regular USB devices.
  • Best for: This PD 3.0 car charger is a good solution for portable charging of Android and iOS smartphones, tablets and many other USB-C or USB devices.
  • Portable: Thanks to its small size this PD car charger 18W is suitable for short and long trips. Take the car charger adapter with you for a vacation, and get your phone and camera fully charged while driving from one city to another.
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Plug the PD car charger into the cigarette lighter connection inside your car. Connect your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet via a USB cable into a USB-C or USB-A port of the phone charger car adapter. Disconnect the USB C PD car charger from the cigarette lighter connection when not in use. The 12V car charger is equipped with two USB ports to get your phone and tablet ready at the same time. The USB-A plug of the car charger adaptor offers 12W power output to charge your mp3 player or navigation system at 5V 2.4A. While the USB C port makes it a 18W power delivery car charger with an automatic voltage selection from 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 12V-1.5A to match the needs of your iOS or Android phone, tablet or other USB device. This double USB car charger plug with 18W Power Delivery is able to charge USB C compatible smartphones and tablets faster at higher voltages.

The 12V car phone charger also ensures full speed charging for regular USB phones, cameras, music players, navigation systems, as you plug them into the car USB fast charger. This dual port USB cigarette car charger ensures high speed charging for your Android and iOS phone, tablet, audio player or camera. Plug your phone into the USB type C car charger and connect your cam into the USB A port of the in car charger, and you will get them ready at the same time while driving to your destination. This H32xW32xL62.5mm small phone charger car adapter weighs only 26 g. Take the compact 18W USB C PD car charger with you for a trip, to get your tablet, phone, camera or navigation system ready while driving from one location to another.

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