Waterproof Smartwatch for Men and Women

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Sports Tracking & GPS Connectivity

The willful smartwatch has 11 exercise modes. With the GPS help from your phone, this smartwatch can track the real-time distance and speed of activities like running and cycling. The precise data will be shown on Veryfitpro APP.

Call& Message Alerts and Message Reading on Wrist

With this smartwatch, you can finally leave your phone at home when you go for your outdoor exercises without fears of missing out on anything. After connecting it to your smartphone via Veryfitpro APP, you can get notifications instantly for calls, texts, emails, calendars, and apps. You can also read a message or hang up an incoming call on your wrist.

IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof Smartwatch

Because of the IP68 waterproof standard of this smartwatch, you can have it on your wrist even in the rain or under the water, swimming, or surfing. This waterproof fitness tracker is also for people that love to have their smartwatch on every time of the day without having exceptional times when they take it off.


Extremely Long Battery Life

By developing new power-saving modes, this smartwatch can be used for 7~10 days on a single charge and its standby time is 42 days. You’ll never have to worry about the next charge while exercising.



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