Wireless Game Controller Joystick Gamepad with Phone Holder

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Ultra Long Playing Time

Built with a 1300mAh rechargeable lithium battery with an extra long standby time of a whole week, this joypad is able to provide game lovers with 40+ hours of time for non-stop gaming. (A Type-c charging cable is attached)

Triggers & Replaceable D-pad

Outfitted with triggers for easily speeding up in driving games and a replaceable U-shape D-pad for playing fatal strikes in FTG games, this gamepad will bring players the best gaming control that never had before.

Wireless Bluetooth Controller

This computer controller can be connected to Switch and all Android phones via Bluetooth, and it can also be plugged into a PC/Laptop (Support all Windows systems) with the included Type-c cable.

Detachable Phone Holder

A universal mobile stand is attached to make your phone and game controller a single unit in gaming. It’s easy to install and can be used as an independent phone holder when it’s disassembled from the gamepad.

Vibration Feedback & Button Light

This gaming joystick can vibrate at specific points in the games like an explosion, and the HOME and A/B/X/Y buttons are designed with a backlight to make game playing at night cooler and more visibly.


(1) Switch Mode

1. Enter the homepage of the switch. Select “CONTROLLERS” first, and then select “Change Grip/Order”.

2. Long press the Home button of the gaming controller for 3-5 s and the LED light will flash quickly with red color. When the gaming controller vibrates, it’s in a Bluetooth pairing state, and then you can release the button.

3. The LED light will stay on with red color 10 s later, and a gaming controller icon will appear on the switch screen after that, which indicates that the gaming controller is connected to the switch successfully.

(2) Android Mode

1. Turn on the Bluetooth on the phone.

2. Long press “Home” and ”A” buttons simultaneously and the LED light will flash quickly with green color, and it’s in Bluetooth pairing state then.

3. Search “PC249A” in the Bluetooth of your phone and connect it. The gaming controller will be connected successfully in 3-5 s, and you can use it after that.

(3) PC Mode

1. Connect the gaming controller to the computer with a Type C cable.

2. Its drive will be recognized automatically within 10 s.

3. It indicates a successful connection if the LED light stays on with blue color.

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Gaming Trigger Joystick


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lithium battery


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40+ hours time






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